Tied Together Marketing™ carefully measures the value addition created for each event we produce for our clients. Our comprehensive project plan and event services include the following measuring tools and utilization of Tied Together Marketing industry wide leverage ability.

Experience with Negotiations

Tied Together Marketing believes in going the extra mile in negotiations for the client. Whether it’s hard bargaining with a specific property to host the event or making sure we've done all we can to limit potential liability while utilizing a private yacht, Tied Together Marketing will act as our clients’ advocate in an effort to secure the most favorable contract terms possible.


Tied Together Marketing only uses reputable vendors and passes discounts offered to our clients. Our long standing relationships with industry vendors and repeat business often allow Tied Together Marketing to bypass rush fees, increased costs for “special items” and discounts that affect the bottom line of the event budget.

Examples of Discounts passed on to clients include but are not limited to: Discounted Meeting Space; Sleeping Room Accommodations; Food and Beverage; Audio/Visual; Promotional Products, Off-Site Activities; Shipping; and Printing.

Saving Time Is Saving Money

Saving our clients’ in house resources’ time and effort is of paramount importance to Tied Together Marketing; by seamlessly planning all the logistics and event details we allow our clients to focus their attention on other matters while resting assured their event details are being planned in a professional manner. This allows our clients to focus on three things:  Content, Getting the Right Audience in Attendance and Securing Appropriate Budgets.

Maximizing Invested Dollars

We are all too aware that people get excited about events and often want to add items or make wholesale change at the last minute. The team at Tied Together Marketing is successful at maximizing budgeted dollars, re-allocation of internal items to reduce event budgets and creatively locating event logistical pieces at reduced rates!

Cost Analysis

Tied Together Marketing provides its clients with a complete cost savings analysis to demonstrate the savings and discounts Tied Together Marketing secured for the specific event. These savings are passed directly on to our clients thus stretching every event
planning dollar possible. Often times these savings greatly exceed the cost of the Event Management Fees.

A sample cost savings analysis can be made available upon request.