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Tied Together Marketing (TTM) specializes in producing events that rock worlds, shift perspectives and sear brands into brains.

Whether on the domestic or international stage, our team brings the creativity and obsession for detail that ensures your event goes off smoothly and reflects your organization’s unique voice, position and personality.

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Tied Together Marketing (TTM) specializes in producing events that rock worlds, shift perspectives, sear brands into brains and are a damn good time to boot. TTM knows how to push past fads and create truly original programs that bring your mission to life. The team will guide you through the entire process, from creative brainstorming to victory toast, customizing each step to meet your needs on both the domestic and international stage.TTM is based on southern hospitality delivered at gigabit speeds. We have the experience, personal connections and know-how to produce an event that will exceed expectations you didn’t even know you had. We are as comfortable with spreadsheets and negotiating deals as we are launching confetti cannons and live streams. But dreaming big isn’t enough to be a true event management super star. You gotta be nuts for the details, and our team definitely is. Before each event we anticipate every potential snafu and have a Plan B through Z ready to go.

Take a deep breath. We’ve got this.

While we love cookies, we rarely pull the recipe card out for a typical cookie cutter event. It’s about telling the story and managing your event brand in a way that can never be forgotten. Your event will be a reflection of your organization’s unique voice, position and personality, like a thoroughbred racing for the win.

With TTM in your corner your event will run as smooth as good bourbon, generate much buzz as the latest #viralvideo and the emotional warmth of hanging with your besties. Reach out and let the pyrotechnics blaze!

our events intimidate the competition - do yours?

Event Production

Event production is complicated. Planning, processing, overthinking and of course problem solving all blend together to create the perfect storm. How do you take the concoction of logistics and detail and make it fun and relaxing. You don’t. We take on the storm and we do it well and leave the crazy to us. Focus on content development and delivering your message.

  • Venue Selection & Transformation
  • Audio, Visual & Media Production
  • Targeted Message Delivery/Interactions
  • Vendor & Negotiation Management
  • White Glove Service
  • Agenda Strategy & Execution
  • Food & Beverage Management
  • Onsite Production

Strategic Design

Every event is unique—different content, different audiences, different goals. Cookie-cutter plans don’t cut it. The strategic plan for your event should be as unique as your company. Your products and vision should be awe-inspiring and desired. And though your team knows your company inside out, our team knows how to design events leaving people wanting more!

  • Map Objectives to the Experiences
  • Create Unique Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Third Party Validation Presenters
  • Budget Management
  • Audience Engagement
  • Right Touch Right Time
  • Event Objectives = Raising the Bar

Experience Creators

There’s no substitute for real-life person-to-person interactions. The synergies from bringing people together in a room are impossible to replicate virtually. Tied Together Marketing maximizes the impact of your event by delivering the right balance of business and fun; we create experiences that make your competitors envious.

  • Event Marketing Promotions
  • Mobile App Development
  • Full Event Management & Execution
  • Personal Onsite Identification
  • Presentation Delivery
  • Analysis & Reporting
  • Fun Creators
  • Communication Planning & Delivery
  • Visual Impact Creation

we produce high quality, memorable event experiences

we create events that rock worlds
High Impact
Tied Together Marketing makes sure you put your best foot forward at your high-impact events. Whether it’s an IPO, an acquisition, or the introduction of disruptive new technology, we help you present your employees as the trendsetters and thought leaders they are. We’ll showcase your accomplishments by working with your team to create edgy and bold messaging. Your company worked hard to get to this point; we’ll make sure your event reflects the size of its achievement.
Conferences and Kickoffs
Your annual conference is a big deal. Executives spend their time and energy working on their keynote messaging and rehearsing their delivery. They’re making an investment, and they are expecting a payoff. Tied Together Marketing will help ensure the payoff is big and unambiguous by working with you to create an impactful agenda. Our team delivers expertise in synchronizing audience interactions, setting the right tone, and delivering media and audio cues that often lead to standing ovations.
Incentive Trips
Beaches, jungles, private islands-- the location is just the start of the perfect incentive trip. This elite circle of top performers will receive meticulous care and attention during an extraordinary event with company leadership. They’ll leave refreshed and motivated to stay at the top of their A game, and return to the office with stories that may inspire their co-workers as well.
Trade shows
Drawing attention to your company at trade shows is a challenge if you don’t think outside the 10x10-foot box you’ve rented on the exhibition floor. Tied Together Marketing will help deliver a multi-faceted approach that ensures your messages are heard above the din of the show floor. Whether through hosting a dinner or reception, or landing a speaker for the general session, we’ll help you draw the attention your company expects and deserves.
Advisory Board
Your company’s think tanks require the perfect balance of energy and Zen when they come together to discuss your organization’s path forward. Just as you trust your advisors to steer your company, you can trust Tied Together Marketing to deliver the perfect environment. From arranging airfare and welcome notes to appreciation gifts at the end, we’ll provide board members exceptional white glove service your top executives will be proud of.
Field and Regional Trainings
Perfecting your message is key to training employees in the field and regions. But it’s all for naught if you don’t effectively convey the message. Tied Together Marketing will work with your team to ensure your tightly honed message is received by your attendees and engrained in their minds.
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event strategist & creator


I am your event strategist and production goddess! I love partnering with my clients to strategically develop an event or series that creatively lead us all to stronger relationships, higher ROI and your name in big lights!

Chrisia Marie
event experiences & technologist

Chrisia Marie

Chrisia Marie checking in! The Event Technologist and Attendee Experience Producer. Mobile Apps? Registration? Communications? Digital Graphics? I am your tech guru!

senior event manager


Hey y’all! This is Catron and I am your go-to for all hotel and housing needs. If you need help changing your dates or other aspects of your trip, I’m your girl!

senior event manager


Courtney, here to help with all of your planning needs. Sales Kick-Off, Team Building, President’s Club, you name the event and we will exceed expectations you didn’t even know you had.

event production


Great food, fine wine and a good time! Just some of the things that drive me, Sarah, to produce fabulous events all over the world! No rock is left unturned when planning a Sales Kickoff, Roadshow, IPO, Incentive Trip, and everything in between! Let’s do this!

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